Our partnership with Synergy

Our partnership with Synergy

by Martin Newman

Posted on Monday 21st June 2021

With only 47 million complaints out of 173 million reaching the brand (Ombudsman, 2018) and 89% of consumers switching their business to a competitor after just one single poor customer experience (Customer Thermometer, 2020) it is time to take action and change the way that consumers and brands interact. 

This is why we are delighted to announce our partnership with Synergy. Together we aim to help businesses and brands improve their customer service by adopting a more customer centric approach to all of their customer service touchpoints.

Synergy delivers advanced customer experience solutions through its 700-seat contact centre based in South Africa, solving the challenges of culture-fit, affordability and performance for a global market including brands such as Octopus energy, The White Company, Ovo Energy and 02. Their culture-driven approach to innovation is reshaping the customer experience. 

As such, Customer Service Action and its CSaaS (Customer Success As A Service) concept, had to team up with Synergy in order to deliver the best possible outcome to both consumers and brands when it comes to customer service. 

Our founder, Martin Newman, The Consumer Champion, says:

“I’m excited about partnering with one of South Africa’s leading contact centres to provide a better customer service experience for consumers in the UK and other markets.

With Synergy’s full suite of service solutions and a fantastic team of customer service operatives, along with our consumer-centric service platform that truly empowers consumers to have the service experience they seek, we have a truly unique and unrivalled end-to-end customer service proposition to support our respective clients.’’

This is a wonderful and exciting opportunity that helps us fulfill our main goal even more: empowering positive change for both consumers and brands.

The Customer Service Action team