About Customer Service Action

Customer Service Action is a platform where people can share their good and bad customer service stories and experiences in one impartial place. From cancelled flights to faulty cars, and from an undercooked meal in a restaurant to really rude staff in a store, we provide a voice for consumers and make sure you’re heard by the businesses you’ve engaged with. You can choose to share your experiences with us, which we then pass on to the companies, so they can respond to you directly.

By sharing important information such as how your experience made you feel and what you wish had happened instead, we can help businesses learn what to avoid and how to improve the way they serve and engage with you, and other customers like you in the future.  If you give us permission to share your experience publicly, it will be displayed on the specific company profile page. This shows how a company is doing in different service areas and more importantly what they can do to be even better and contribute to positive change for consumers.

We understand how hard it is to get your voice out there as a consumer, as such, we want to listen to your concerns – we believe in power in numbers, if we receive multiple customer experiences about a company we will build a larger case and Martin will take it to the CEO of the business directly.

Celebrating success and good customer service is just as important as pointing out the least positive outcome. This also sets an example for other companies on how to treat their customers well.

You can trust our figures and rankings not to be influenced by sponsorship or advertising because we are completely impartial and do not operate on behalf of the companies on this site. 

We are so much more than a review site. Ratings and reviews don’t drive the action you require nor the changes businesses need to make. Together, we have a stronger voice to make positive changes to your experience in the future.

About Martin Newman 

Glasgow-raised Martin was thrown into the deep end of commerce after leaving school at 16, he quickly discovered that he had a knack for getting into the head of his customers. 

After 37 years in consumer-facing industries, Martin has seen it all. Known as the Consumer Champion, he is a hardened service expert who has worked for major brands such as Harrods, Burberry, Pentland Brands (Speedo, Berghaus) and Ted Baker.

Martin’s goal is to be a force for positive change across all consumer facing industries, and to play a role in providing consumers with a voice to connect with brands that they’ve engaged with and to help brands to learn from customers where they are going right (or wrong).

Martin is a regular guest on Sky News, BBC News, BBC Scotland, LBC and other radio and TV stations, talking about the issues in commerce and customer service. 

When he’s not in the interview chair, Martin’s a keen advocate for employee and boardroom diversity. He believes in ensuring that businesses have a board of directors and a workforce that reflects the customer base and the community they are serving, both in terms of gender and ethnicity, as well as in sexuality, disabilities and demographics. He is also continually pushing the agenda for a better level of service and experience for visually and hearing-impaired consumers.

Our commitment and how Customer Service Action Works

Submit your customer experience of a company. Tell us what happened and what could have been better.

We send it on to the company and add it to their profile page. Once your experience is approved, you also have the possibility to share it on social media. 

We will also add your submission to a larger case for Martin to take directly to the CEO. 

Your contribution will help to create positive change for consumers and brands alike which in turn will enable us to highlight a more relevant and meaningful company score and profile page.

Why Martin created Customer Service Action:

“Just like you, I have been on the wrong end of some staggeringly bad customer service. We’ve all experienced it: the rude waiter or 40-minute queue that you’ll be telling your mates down the pub for several years to come. 

And, just like you again, I’ve also been delighted by an amazing experience I wasn’t expecting. Aside from telling the manager or writing a rather awkward note on TripAdvisor, what can you really do when something is great, or awful?

My frustration has always been not knowing how to raise these issues with the brand in question, or whether in fact I’d be wasting my time by doing so. 

For these reasons, I created Customer Service Action as I truly believe we need a platform to share our good and bad experiences with consumer facing brands. 

My vision is that we can collectively make a difference and create the positive change that consumers seek and in turn help the businesses providing the goods and experiences across all industries to provide the best possible service. Good customer experience leads to happy customers and successful brands.”

Martin Newman, The Consumer Champion