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We do not sell advertising. We create reports based on what consumers are telling us about the issues they’ve faced so that we can share these with the companies and to advise them on how they can improve their levels of customer service and the experience that customers, just like you, receive in the future.

Yes, it is. We are fully GDPR compliant: See our Privacy Policy for more details.

We anonymise the total company score data based on all submissions to the CSA platform in order to display the metrics you can see on the website. We will share your details with the company you have submitted a Customer Experience about so that they can aim to rectify an issue or thank you for your compliment. Beyond that we do nothing with your personal data (email) with third parties.

However, over time as we build up more data around the different issues that customers are experiencing in different environments we produce reports to help those businesses do a better job of serving you and other people like you now and in the future.

See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Please email us at:

Yes, please contact with your enquiry.

Please use our contact form or email with your questions or concerns. Please include as much detail as possible, such as the browser you are using, what steps you took to encounter the issue and what you hope can be done to help. We will then look to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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You are not able to unsubscribe from any account related emails due to your activity on the site such as ranting and raving. However, you can request that your account be deleted if you’d no longer like to be on the Customer Service Action systems.”

Email to request deletion of your account. We will sort that out for you.

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CSA is not just another review site. We’re here to provide you with a voice and the ability to positively influence the level of service companies provide you and other customers with, whether your experiences are good or bad. We pass on your customer experience directly to the company so you don’t have to worry about finding contact details, plus if we get multiple experiences about the same company we will take your submission directly to the CEO.

Please do keep in touch with us and in either case, let us know whether you hear back from the company or not. You can let us know by logging in to your account and adding an update to your case.

Login to your CSA account and click ‘add update’ to your case. This is the quickest way to let us know if anything has happened in the meantime.

Alternatively you can email and let us know what the company has done to resolve your issue.

Once your experience has been submitted, please allow us time to review and approve it. 

Once your experience has been approved, we email the brand's customer service team to let them know that you’ve had a great experience and want to thank them. If you have given us permission to do so, your compliment will be published on the company's page.


We’d love for you to share any really positive experiences you’ve had with a business in a consumer facing industry. This could be a retailer, a bank or insurance company, a restaurant, an airline, a car dealer and so on. Maybe an individual went above and beyond and provided fantastic service and you’d just like to ensure that the business gets to hear about it.

Other examples might include where you were made to wait for a table in a restaurant, despite having a booking, and the restaurant gave you and your fellow diner free drinks.

Maybe an Airline went out of their way to find you another flight after yours was cancelled or you missed it due to being caught up in traffic on route to the airport. Or, you had an accident in your car and the insurance company arranged for a taxi to take you home or to where you were going, even when that wasn’t a publicised part of their service.

Once your experience has been submitted, please allow us time to review and approve it. 

Once it has been approved, we email the brand's customer service team to let them know there is an issue that they need to respond to. If you have given us permission to do so, your experience will be published on the company's page.

In the event of 10 or more people voicing the same experience or pattern, Martin will personally escalate the issue and take it to the CEO of the business in question.

Please share any type of customer experience that has left you feeling angry, frustrated, disappointed or let down. This could involve anything from your flight being cancelled at the last minute with no suitable alternative flight, to you having a meal in a restaurant and the food being served under or overcooked. Or that the waiting staff were rude. Honestly, whatever it is that has annoyed you, however huge or small, we want to hear about it.

Essentially anything that fell short of your expectations, we want to hear about so that we can bring this to the brand’s attention and give them the opportunity to put it right.

We promise to ensure that the company is aware of your issue. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they will act on this, however, no self respecting consumer facing company wants to be called out in public for delivering a poor experience! Because of that, they should make an effort to help resolve your issue.

Yes! We will never charge you to use our service.


Customer Service Action is a site with a goal: we give consumers a voice that ensures that companies hear the issues you’ve been experiencing and therefore encourages them to help find a resolution and improve levels of service.