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Martin Newman

Martin Newman,
The Consumer Champion

Have you had a recent experience with a brand that left you positively or negatively shocked? We want to hear about it!

Our aim is to help companies improve their customer service and to champion those who are already doing well.

Your contribution helps create positive change for consumers and brands alike.

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How Customer Service Action Works


Submit your complaint or compliment about a company. Tell us what happened and what could have been better.


We send it on to the company’s customer service team, add it to the company profile page and Tweet the company to let them know they have received a complaint or compliment.


If we find a recurring issue or a company has multiple complaints or compliments, we will add your submission to a larger case for us to take to the CEO.


Your contribution helps create positive change for consumers and brands alike and creates a more meaningful company score and profile page.

Martin Newman

Why I started this mission

Just like you, I have been on the wrong end of some staggeringly bad customer service. We’ve all experienced it: the rude waiter or 40-minute queue that you’ll be telling your mates down the pub for several years to come.

And, just like you again, I’ve also been delighted by an amazing experience I wasn’t expecting. Aside from telling the manager or writing a rather awkward note on TripAdvisor, what can you really do when something is great, or awful?

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