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Caitlin M:

"I think this is a good idea especially in terms of gathering a case and evidence in regards to a specific issue."

Matt G:

"Great site! It really gives you a voice."

Anne R:

"Great idea this. I especially like the compliment bit. I work in retail and it's not very often people will actually take the time to speak about good service. Always makes my day when someone does."

Jess R:

"Really like this idea. It's great to see the specific employee getting recognition for their great service."

Debs M:

"This would be a good service as many people don't like to complain or are afraid to."

James B:

"Highly recommend Customer Service Action. It's so frustrating dealing with customer service departments!"

Companies Improving their Service

Deka has launched five environmental, social and governance (ESG) ETFs as part of a climate change suite.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will create 150 jobs, and is launching a new initiative designed to create more diversity in the broadcasting sector.

Italian denim brand Replay has just set new sustainability standards for the rest of the industry with a card-carrying sustainable stretch jean.

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