Department Store

Most positive experiences about Department Store companies

  1. Debenhams
  2. Marks & Spencer
  3. Meadowhall

Least positive experiences about Department Store companies

  1. Marks & Spencer
  2. Target

Recent not so great experiences :(

  • S I ordered my dad a pair of black jeans for Christmas. They sent a dress. They have next to no customer service -only way to contact is Instagram DM and they are extremely unresponsive. They have not f...
  • Whilst wearing a sunflower lanyard (hidden disability) a member of staff deliberately placed herself between me and the shelving. I was also wearing a mask and gloves (before masks were mandatory). I ...
  • I bought food from Mac Donald’s and was told to leave to eat my food I was fine with this because I understand they have to prevent the spread of COVID but I would have liked to be told before I pur...

Recent great experiences :)

  • A I wanted to ask a price for a product ans the employee was really helpful
  • L I had an appointment with Judith for a bra fitting at Marks and Spencer in Rugby. She was so helpful and caring and it was a very positive experience.
  • R i like visiting Target than anyhing else because they have almost everything and also they seem to have everything sorted out.

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